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Diane S. Thieke

Author, Editor, Journalist, Digital Nomad

I’m lucky enough to call myself a professional writer. Indeed, my experience has included lengthy stints in editorial, marketing and public relations at Dow Jones. In 2011, I began building my own team of writers, editors, PR pros and marketers. We're editorial advisors and a virtual newsroom for B2B companies.

When you work with me, you’ll learn that I’m a grammar nerd who believes in a strong news hook, thorough research and the power of story to inspire. I’m also passionate about emerging technology and how it will shape the future.

For me, the end of the day doesn’t mean an end to my writing life. Instead, I spend the in-between hours dreaming up new worlds in the fiction I write.

In 2017, my husband and I moved to Richmond, Va., from New Jersey, part of a grand plan to explore the country while living somewhere new every couple of years. I’ve two grown sons, three plump cats and several dog-eared copies of Strunk and White.

"Omit needless words."

Strunk and White

Red Pen

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